[ insert evil laughter ]
Kurapika, Chapter 348

Kurapika, Chapter 348

"I’m fucked up, but you’re a piece of work too, you know.”




"Hunter x Hunter" anime - Alluka playing with Sailor Moon and Texudu Mask dolls

"Sailor Moon" anime - “Greed Island” game showed in the background

If you haven’t known yet, the authors of the two manga - Yoshihiro Togashi and Takeuchi Naoko married and had 2 kids.

Like a really cute kind of love letter

okay but look at the ice cream display behind ami

The 4th of the Zoldyck siblings: Alluka 


new hxh opening got posted im so excited this episode ahhhhhhhh

In the end, you did everything by yourself... I get it.

They must do what others will hate them for.

this anime is actually really painful

this anime is actually really painful


Step up your shonen protagonist game, Gon.

I finally got a friend of mine watching Hunter x Hunter. After finishing Phase One of the Hunter’s Exam (Satotz’s run) he went to bed and had nightmares about Hisoka.