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What do you think about all the people who don’t understand feminism? Especially the women who supposedly “are against feminism because they don’t hate men”? Should we argue or is it a lost cause?

No, we shouldn’t argue. We should teach. We should enlighten. We should in…




Truth, Freya, what is something you dislike about yourself?

Freya: My childishly obsessive nature. It can definitely be honed for good things, and I do hone it, but even I think my game with Yan was a bit over kill, and he’s not the first game I’ve ruined as such. I even sometimes let Icarus scold me for it~ Sometimes.

There’s something she would not admit normally hahahaha. 


So I was just looking at this awesome concept art from The Princess and the Frog.


I had it enlarged, big as it could go, scrolling along, admiring the details, and then I got almost to the end of the picture, right along the fountain.


This movie takes place in the 1920s.

Truth: Freya, do you genuinely love anyone and what do you fear the most? Also what would you do if I gave you a kitten

Freya: Myself. Non-existence. Refuse to feed it, or take care of it in anyway, and then watch Cecilia fuss over it needlessly. We already have Zyere for all that, don’t we?

Oh these are too easy~ she says this much in confidence. Since it’s still managing to slightly duck the question despite directly answering, leave it to Freya to manage vagueness on a truth serum, no, Arma Freya does not actually care about anyone besides herself and maintains her relationships appropriately to her advantage and entertainment. She’s not even capable of complete hate, she’s very removed from emotions for others, empathy, and the ideas that make up humanity in general. She is a bundle of more self absorbed emotions.

Though, in mortal verses where she has more humanity, is more of a 20 year old girl, she did love her deceased father and I do suggest she did love Yan at one point, but she’s still a moron with a god complex who treated him as lower then her and mortal Yan is still a dumb shit too so it didn’t work out then either. (It’s loads better then the blatantly abusive Arma-verse relationship and should not be confused.) I fancied her falling in love again and thought of potential redemption arcs that could offer her opening herself up to familial love for Ceci and Nao (Eve she gives to Yan. God complexes die hard.) but they never fully got plotted out and she remains too much an idiot to recognize she was even in love with Yan to ever really let the distance she maintains with others shrink. Of course, Arma Freya is much too far past redemption xD She is just ridiculous and evil and does not give a flying fuck. Survival man.

She’s also very open about her biggest fear since it’s a part of her pride. The Arma and Home was formed because of the threat placed upon her of a true death, no longer existing, and she made the fucking best of it, haha. The closest people she comes to hating are Zyere and Fritz (though you wouldn’t realize as much about Fritz) who are big on the obliterating of existence just by their existing! (Keep your enemies closer kind of deal.) She is not as actively afraid of it since her risk for it is so low, but it is the thing that grabs at her in the middle of the night, and probably the only thing. She is extremely cocky and doesn’t even fathom things like hopeless scenarios or complete lack of control where she could not by any means gain it back. She lacks active fear but she pretends to have it pretty well~

Trying to imagine Freya on a truth serum…like does she even know what reality and honesty is anymore…A lot of people would be very unhappy and uncomfortable and Yan would just jump up like I FUCKING TOLD YOU ALL.

I'm glad I picked the right babies for those questions then. Truth, Zy, Yan and Dine, guiltiest pleasure.

Yan: Romcoms, the Madea plays, Tyler Perry in general, random reality TV, crying during family films…Mufasa’s death was beautiful to me okay.
(He’s guilty but proud.)

Zyere: Getting Cecilia or Fayte severely flustered while aroused. -Truth serum. He definitely died a little admitting that.-
Yan: That’s the only time you can get Fayte flustered.
Zyere: AND IT’S SO FUCKING ADORABLE. Fucking hell! Please kill me now.

Dine: Beating the living shit out of someone who annoys me. I mean, I don’t actually do it on whims. But like…when it coincides with work…it’s something…uhm…reasonable guilt thing…anyway….

These are fun = w=;


HxH Ep. 139 - Alluka And Nanika

Oh, ignore the part asking about Eve I forgot she was Rach's and you might not be able to answer for her, but then just same question for Zy. Like DEEP DARK fears not just "Oh spiders I guess. "

Zyere: Killing Cecilia and being happy about it. Is that dark enough?

It’s not even the people he cares about, and being honest, there are more then Ceci, but just her is what he’s afraid of. She is a very important and pure existence to him and letting his dark get to her is quite scary. He has more faith in her to think he could taint her or anything, she taints herself enough really, but getting her killed seems pretty likely. (I’m not laughing. I’m cracking up.) Zyere has the capability to destroy the universe and he kind of wants to and so it’s often on his mind. Cecilia is the only one he knows who doesn’t really deserve to go down in flames.

Future arc it remains slightly similar.

Zyere: Accidentally isolating myself from the limited humanity I have and completely destroying the few things I’ve managed to gain.

You picked my nightmare babies and expect spiders :D

Truth: Yan - what are you most afraid of? Also Eve

Yan: Being…..-struggle not to answer- miserable and alone forever! Oh man, that is a ridiculously sissy ass fear. I am a coward and that is the worst I have—FOR SHAME.

Though future arc:

Yan: Isaac.
/immediate answer

And if asked to specify that, it would be a ramble of gibberish that is essentially Isaac ending up like him: self-hating, indecent, unable to obtain the things he truly wants by his own power, and constantly tricked and abused when sure he’s safe. Yan’s pretty accepting of himself and the mistakes he makes at this point, still wishes he was different sometimes but accepts he isn’t and can’t really be, but he would never want Isaac to turn out as such, or like his biomum. He is a consistently horrified parent.

AS FOR MISS DULAMAR. I don’t even think Rachel could answer that nor would Eve ever allow herself to be subjected to such a serum lmao. Truth to Eve may be different from reality as well. She’s a ball of repressed emotions. What she honestly thinks is most terrifying might be different then what would actually scare her the most and I’m not good enough in her headspace to answer her being…impulsive gasp. Honest, double gasp. The Eve in my head is both shuddering and scowling. (I think she scowls at me more then Yan and I consider that an accomplishment.) Potentially being subjected to having to be emotionally honest HAH. Shin also manages to be a huge fear of hers future arc, kind of for that and well, Shin is a scary ass person to have as an enemy.




Please preface questions with “Truth”

Aw shit let’s do this

Leave it to the Catholics to destroy existence.

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